A couple of years back, Scott and I, and our family of five, decided to open the doors of our little printing brokerage. With my formal education and career path being elementary school education, and being the child of an educator myself, I saw the need for schools to be able to have more funding. Scott and I realized that we could help schools and other nonprofit organizations to keep more resources available if we made our prices more affordable to them.

Through our relationships with printing presses across the country, we found that we could provide savings to for profit businesses as well. Being small business owners, we know the real need for high quality print, but at affordable prices. We aim to create the bridge that closes the gap between the two! Our goal is to help businesses and organizations of all types find Victory in Print!

Please let us know if you would like us to take a look at your existing print needs and costs to make sure you are getting the best pricing available.